Website Copy

Your website is your shop floor, so it pays to have your best stock on display.

Copy is an essential part of any website, not least because it provides your users with the information needed to make those vital commercial decisions, but because it is the means by which they find your website in the first place!

What gives our Website Copywriting the Edge?

As experienced website copywriters, we are experts in crafting engaging onsite copy that is tailored both users and search engines.

Approaching each project with this mentality results in intelligently written, balanced, on-brand onsite copy designed to grab the attention of a fickle digital audience and is optimised to deliver key marketing results for your business.

We’ll help users find you, just like you found us!

Why does website copy need optimisation?  

“The best place to hide a dead body is on page two of Google.”

A common mistake businesses make is to spend a fortune on freelance digital copywriting that lacks the requisite content marketing techniques needed to get those all important eyeballs.

Making your onsite copy simple for search engines to understand will provide your pages with higher search rankings, driving more potential customers to your website. Once they’re on the page, let the words do their magic!

With years of experience in freelance copywriting and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), we consciously and carefully weave amplification into every paragraph to make sure when users are searching, they find you.

Eagle’s website copywriting service

Our double edged approach to website copy means we take the time to understand the practical elements of your business such as its products and services, as well as its Tone of Voice and message.

Knowing which terms to target puts your content in the running against the competition. Eagle uses its SEO background to determine keywords, linking opportunities, image optimisation and meta data to tune each page with an optimised punch.

We then set finger to keyboard to craft digitally astute copy designed to steal your target audience’s attention.

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