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Building your Brand’s Voice

If the design of your website, shop, and products is how your brand ‘looks’, then Tone of Voice is your brand’s ‘personality’. Often, marketers try to break this down even further to describe it as simply the copy on your website. Although this is true for the basic principals, there are a whole load of different elements that you need to be aware of when choosing a tone of voice for your brand.

Deciding on a Tone of Voice

Often brands with a more serious product opt for a more serious tone of voice (TOV), and vice versa. Undoubtedly, the reason for this is because customers base their expectations of the brand from the product. For example, pension providers like Scottish Widows, often write with a sensible, trustworthy, and reliable tone because their service is expected to be just that. You might suggest the same TOV from banks in that case. But in fact, that is not entirely the case. Nowadays, the brand comes first and the product comes second. Monzo, a modern online bank, has a light-hearted and colourful TOV with a bright orange cashcard to appeal to the younger audience. So rather than completely basing your TOV on the product or service you’re providing, try using these criteria:

Audience / target market
Your company values
Your company’s interests
Workplace values
The product

Blog Regularly


If the copy on your website is your brand’s ‘personality’, then the blog is the ‘voice’. You must be consistent, creative, and smart about what you write about. Whether you’re a fintech company offering guides on using your latest products, or an antiques dealer writing about the latest trends in retro interior designs, you need to be producing regular copy in the form of blogs. It also pays to know the search volumes for the terms you’re looking to write about, so you know your blog will be on a well searched subject.

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If there are any developments happening in your industry, important events, or changes occurring, your brand should be reporting it. In the same way that you might recount a story in the news that you found interesting, you need to be aware of topics that your company would find interesting. Not only will this help your brand appear as an authority on a certain subject, it also builds up a dialog with the customer who can then begin to form an attachment to the brand.

A Consistent and Constant Tone

Once you’ve decided on your TOV and the type of subjects you will be blogging about regularly, then you’ve done the hard part. The important thing to remember is to remain consistent from now on. Ensure that your on-site copy matches your blog and product copy, and that any further branded material you product for marketing purposes is also in alignment. Overall, keeping your company’s ‘personality’ consistent is the cornerstone of branding because it allows customers to get to know your brand, like they would a person.

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